HP Spectre 13-V018CA Review


The HP Spectre 13-V018CA is a high end laptop from HP and is said to be the world’s thinnest laptop, measuring in at a staggering 10.4mm. This laptop is definitely one to get heads turning and crows talking, all thanks to its perfect design. Anyone to get their hands on one of these is to be considered highly privileged. The price also implies that this is a high end device. It is available at a whooping $1 799.9 but its worth every cent, as it sports some of the best software you can get for a laptop, and it is almost guaranteed never to disappoint.



Windows 10 OS

6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U Processor

13.3″ IPS UWVA BrightView Corning Gorilla Glass WLED-backlit display




Almost everything about this laptop is perfect but the most important are listed below:

With the Intel Core i7, you’ll be able to enjoy effortless multitasking and super fast web browsing that will leave you speechless.

This laptop is also extremely portable as it is unbelievably thin and has only a 13.3″ display, it is also very lightweight and strong, thanks to its carbon fibre chassis, meaning that it can handle the occasional bumps that are bound to happen with time.

The i7 processor makes this the perfect laptop for any user, be it an IT specialist, Programmer, the hardcore gamer that is looking for a cutting edge experience or even the average family, this laptop will surely make you ecstatic.

The design is also one major benefit on this device and one never gets tired of admiring the prolific craftsmanship that it boasts.

The Gorilla Glass means that the screen on this laptop is more durable and is stronger than screens that don’t have this feature.

The battery on this device is also commendable as it has a reasonable battery life.



There are not really any downsides on this high end laptop, aside from its high price that many will not be able to afford.



Overall the HP Spectre delivers according to expectations from a laptop at this price range and performs remarkably in all areas, such as gamming, surfing the net, watching movies and typing and editing files, to name a few.

Anyone that can afford this laptop and purchases it will definitely be satisfied with its looks and performance. It is most certainly a laptop to consider for those that require a little more from their device than just the basics.

Author: Team CLR

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