HP Pavilion 13-U138CA Review

Are you one of those people who are always on the go, Working, watching the latest videos or travelling to far off destinations? If that sounds like you the HP Pavilion 13-U138CA may just be the perfect fit for your next device. This small and compact device is a great companion when on the road due to it light weight design plus the multiple modes you can use it so you always have the perfect setup. Below we will see if it is as good as it sounds as we review some of the benefits and downsides.

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Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 128 GB SSD

Screen: 13.3 Inch Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Not only does the HP Pavilion 13-U138CA have a touch screen but this touch screen is convertible as well giving you many different options in how you use and interact with this device. Giving a presentation, flip it to stand mode. Trying to catch up on emails while on the go? Maybe tablet mode will work better? It is easy to see how having this ability can make your day to day tasks just that much easier.

As mentioned above this laptop is made for on the go and with a total weight of just 1.58 Kg it is easy to see why this is great for carrying long distances. And with a thin design of only 0.78 inches it can easily be tucked away in just about any carrying bag.

Plenty of laptop models that sport similar features have a price tag that will quickly shock you but this Pavilion is surprisingly affordable for what it can offer the end user.


A few things were trimmed down on the HP Pavilion 13-U138CA in order to come up with such an attractive price and one of the biggest things was when it comes to storage capacity. The SSD is a great touch and overall a positive but by going with the smaller version of this drive your only left with 128 GB of space. Compare this to more standard laptops which offer up to 1000 GB and you can see how storage may be a limitation for some.

Are you currently using a larger 15.6 inch screen or bigger? If that is the case the smaller 13.3 inch screen while great for making light and compact devices may be difficult to adjust to especially when trying to do work that benefits from a larger display.


The HP Pavilion 13-U138CA is a great lower cost option for those looking for a highly portable convertible device but does lack a few things the more expensive ones have such as plenty of storage space. If none of this concerns you it looks like an incredible deal from HP.

Check out the latest price for the HP Pavilion 13

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