HP 17-X108CA Review

The HP 17 USED a Matte 17.9-inch panel for its laptop with a quality resolution of 1920×1080. Because of its bright and high resolution, it can be used outdoors. This HP employs a Core i7-5500U dual-core CPU and operates at a base speed of 2.4 GHz and can be increased to a speed of up to 3GHz and is available while plugged in or running on battery. In regards to its performance, it runs on a fast SSD to ensure strong and smooth system performance. Its storage system drive from Samsung has the capacity of 256GBwith an M.2 format and gives and operating speed of 5,400 rpm.

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Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U

Memory: 1GB shared

Storage: 1 TB HDD storage

Screen Display: 17.3 in, 1600×900

Operating system: Microsoft


The HP 17 can run just about any game with no problem and with high HD resolution. The HP 17-X108CA CPU will run 800 MHz when plugged in and when running on battery, GPU runs at 1,084 MHz. It also comes with HD bright view WLED backlight display with a native resolution of 1600 x 900, abounding and extensive RAM and moderate storage space. Gives website pages, apps, and software a clear, vivid and detailed display. The 10/100 Ethernet port provides secure and fast speed internet connection for easier uploading and downloading files, software and gaming apps. The Bluetooth connection facilitates the connection of gaming headsets, external speaker phones, and compatible devices.


Even though the HP 17 has good qualities, the processor had a difficult time multi-tasking and is heavy. Although it can’t be on the go it is a great device and can be used as a desktop for the whole family. It also takes a while to download programs and software but once they download they run fairly smooth. It will only play modern games like Witcher 3 and  Battlefield, if you increase the setting it will cause the game to shutter. Is a non-future proof device since it can only handle certain games.


The HP17 comes with a bright and clear resolution and was designed for media and social editing but it is highly suggested not to run too many applications at one time, it could cause it to slow down. It guarantees great performance with everyday tasks and GeForce GPU that gives gaming prowess that will conform to the latest games.

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