HP 15 -BA138CA Review

HP has gave us a little bit of a different spin on a basic touchscreen laptop with the 15-BA138CA. What makes it different then most of the others is that it is powered by AMD vs Intel which has by far the larger market share. It is nice to see AMD still having a presence in the laptop market to create a bit of competition and with the long history of high quality processors there is no reason people should not be confident in the brand name. Below we will look a bit closer into this particular model and see if it might be the right choice for you.

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Processor: AMD A9-9410

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


With plenty of mid-range laptops lower the performance of there laptops to include touchscreen with inflating the costs the HP 15-BA138CA does a nice job of giving the consumer both by packing in the A9-9410 processor along with 8 GB of memory. This laptop has the performance to easily handle the average users workload and the benefits of touchscreen are well documented.

No matter what type of activities your into on your laptop devices you shouldn’t have any issues finding room to store your precious files. With 1 TB of space it would take the average user many years to find enough important files to fill it up.

A full size island keyboard is included with this 15.6 inch model and as an added benefit you will also find a numeric keypad. This is great for those who use their laptop for more then just consuming media and need to get down to work every once in awhile.


This isn’t a downsides necessarily more of a factor that may limit the sales of the HP 15-BA138CA. By going with the AMD processor some consumers who have been marketed Intel for years will assume this is an inferior product. While AMD has a long history of proving otherwise consumers still like to avoid names they are not familiar with especially when it comes to technology.

While far from a big and bulky unit it isn’t overly compact and light either putting it at best in the middle range of 15.6 inch laptops. If high mobility is a big consideration for your next laptop purchase you may not be overly satisfied with the design.


It is great to see an AMD powered laptop hit the market that has no serious flaws and provides a great overall option for those who want touchscreen without giving up much on performance. This might be just what AMD needs to cement themselves as a viable alternative to Intel powered laptops.

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  1. Doesn’t come with a DVD optical drive, but doesn’t tell you if you can put one in either, does anyone know? I understand they don’t get used much anymore but sometimes you just have that 1 thing to install via disc.

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