HP 15-AY038CA Review

HP seems to offer a laptop styled for just about every bodies taste with the vast variety of laptop models the currently push out and today we are going to look at yet another one with its own unique design and that is the HP 15-AY038CA. This model is priced slightly above what we would consider a budget model but still very affordable considering what some of the alternatives are. Below we are going to take this laptop model for a test spin and see what some of the biggest benefits and downsides are.

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Processor: Intel Pentium N3710

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch Non-Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Every though the HP 15-AY038CA is a full sized laptop they have designed it to be light enough at just 2.15 Kg and slightly under an inch thick so as to make it useful for those who are on the go often as well and all of this has been done without eliminating the optical drive which is becoming more and more common among newer styled laptops.

With a very spacious 1 TB SATA hard drive you can feel comfortable in knowing you should be covered for all your storage needs for the life of the laptop, Only the very biggest file savers will find enough data to fill this drive up.

The keyboard which includes a numeric keypad is a great touch, especially for those who find themselves needing to crunch numbers on a regular basis.


The basic processor that has been included in the HP 15-AY038CA leaves something to be desired as it lacks the performance seen in some of the higher end options Intel has to offer. The Intel Pentium N3710 should have no trouble handling basic day to day tasks but when it comes time to really put the device to the test with demanding applications or heavy multi-tasking that is where you will start to see its limitations.

Some of the nice to haves are stripped away on this model to keep the price from inflating so consumers looking for things such as touchscreen will be left disappointed.


One thing that we can say about the HP 15-AY038CA is that it covers most areas that consumers are looking for in a new laptop such as storage capacity and affordable but is lacking in the processor power category. Unless you are a higher end user the limitations of the processor will probably not be a big concern making it a nice choice for the average buyer to add to their wish list.

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