HP 15-AY018CA Review

HP is pushing out plenty of new laptops this October and today we take a look at yet another one of these soon to be released to the public models. We are talking about the HP 15-AY018CA which is a low to mid range laptop model which also has some interesting features such as touchscreen. We will do what we typically do and break down some of the benefits and downsides to this device so you can make the right choice on if it is the right model for you.

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Processor: Intel Pentium N3710

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 500 GB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Touchscreen has been around for a little while now but still plenty of consumers have yet to experience exactly what it is like to own one of these. The HP 15-AY018CA has touchscreen technology built in along with the latest version of Windows which has been developed just for this new tech. Once you have had a chance to use this new feature you will wonder how you ever lived without it before.

If you are somebody who spends plenty of time typing weather it be answering emails, school work or whatever having a full sized keyboard and numeric keypad is a must. This HP model has exactly that making it ideal for this particular users.


We covered the good and now it is time to cover the not so good. The HP 15-AY018CA is very under powered compared to laptop models within the same price range as the Intel Pentium N3710 is really only a good choice for those doing basic day to day tasks. What makes this worse is they have only included 4 GB of memory instead of 8 which is quickly becoming common among most modern laptop models.

Memory isn’t the only area that HP has trimmed down as you will only find a 500 GB SATA hard drive which is fine for those who don’t save a ton of files but again many other models available that offer you a full 1 TB.


We don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think we are completely bashing the HP 15-AY018CA. It is still a good choice for basic users who will not be putting a high workload on their PC and the track record of HP providing some very solid laptops helps in its favor as well. That being said though, If you consider yourself a power user you may want to steer your choice towards something with a little more power.

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