Dell Inspiron i5767-10000GRY Review

Why not go big with the all new Dell Inspiron i5767-10000GRY which has recently hit store shelves and provides consumers an option to get their big screen fix with its 17.3 inch display. For those who have got used to using a big desktop display it can be difficult to make the adjustment to a smaller laptop screen and that is where the 17.3 inch design is a perfect fit. Below we will check out this laptop a bit closer and see exactly what it has to offer.

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Processor: Intel Core i7-7500U

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 17.3 Inch Non-Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


If you are big into streaming the latest movie, tv show or just like plenty of viewing area when browsing your favorite website the Dell Inspiron i5767-10000GRY and its large 17.3 inch display is a great benefit to have. To top it off take advantage of the built in HDMI port to add a second big screen to your setup to really extend the viewing area.

When it comes to providing performance one of the most important pieces of hardware is the processor and this is one area that this particular Dell Inspiron does really well. The Intel Core i7 is what powers this device and provides unmatched performance in the consumer processor market meaning you can rest assured this laptop will be able to handle your high end applications without skipping a beat.

While most basic laptops skimp on the graphics card and put in just a basic option the Dell Inspiron i5767-10000GRY instead comes with a very respectable AMD Radeon R7 M445 which comes with 4 GB of dedicated memory.


While the large display might be great if your plan is to bring your new laptop with you while travelling be careful what you wish for. At over 3 KG this is far from a light and compact device due to the extra weight that is required to support a large 17.3 inch display.

One way this screen could be even more ideal is the ability to use touch to communicate with your laptop but unfortunately this is one piece of technology that Dell decided to keep out of this model.


If being extra portable is not a huge concern for you but having plenty of viewing space is the Dell Inspiron i5767-10000GRY is probably going to be a very nice option for you due to its great power and performance.

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