Dell Inspiron i3558-5500BLK Review

Budget buyers and bargain hunters are probably going to quickly focus in on the Dell Inspiron i3558-5500BLK when looking to purchase their next laptop. This model from Dell is more of a basic laptop design but with a friendly price has the potential to attract plenty of interested buyers. Below we will take a close look at what this has to offer and see what some of the benefits and downsides are to help you decide if it is for you.

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Processor: Intel Core i3-5015U

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch Non-Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Like any budget friendly model performance is not going to be front and center but one area that Dell has done well on is including an Intel Core I3 processor which isn’t always the case in budget models. This processor lacks the performance of an i5 or i7 but is still very capable and more then enough for basic day to day use.

One reason many users end up purchasing a new laptop is because they have exhausted all the storage capacity in their current one but that will be difficult to do with the Dell Inspiron i3558-5500BLK since it comes with a very large and spacious 1 TB drive meaning you have a whole 1000 GB to fill up before you reach its capacity.

Even with its scaled down price Dell has been able to pack in some of the must have features starting with USB. You will find plenty of space for your USB devices with 3 ports available but what is even better is that one of these runs on the newer 3.0 technology which is much faster. HDMI and Bluetooth are also included on this laptop design.


While the processor is very capable on the Dell Inspiron i3558-5500BLK we can’t say as much for the system memory. With just 4 GB of DDR3 put into this model it seems to be the bottleneck that may cause performance issues for some. For example if you do heavy multi tasking it won’t take long before things begin to really slow down.

One newer technology that has been left out is touchscreen, For some this may not be a big issue but for others who are looking forward to testing out this new functionality they may be left disappointed that it has not been included.


Even with its downsides the Dell Inspiron i3558-5500BLK is a great budget friendly option and seems to be a good fit for somebody looking for a basic laptop for everyday use but has no plans on really pushing it beyond the limitations of its lower end hardware.

Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron i3558

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