Dell Inspiron 7000 i7569-3073GRY Review

The all new Dell Inspiron 7000 i7569-3073GRY has recently been released and is already turning some heads with its full sized 15.6 inch screen and the ability to quickly and conveniently covert to a tablet or be used in tent and stand modes.

With plenty of low end portable convertible laptops on the market Dell has instead offered something with a little more power which will please the users who need a bit more power to accomplish what they need to do.

Below we will dive a little further into this laptop model and check out some of the most notable benefits and downsides.


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Memory: 8.00 GB
  • Storage: 256.00 GB SSD
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inch Touchscreen
  • Screen Resolution: 1920×1080(141.21ppi)
  • Dimensions: 37.89 × 25.25 × 1.89 cm
  • Weight: 2.13 kg
  • OS: Windows 10



Convenience is one of the biggest benefits that the Dell Inspiron 7000 i7569-3073GRY has to offer by giving you a single device that can be used in many different ways and replace what at one time would require multiple expensive gadgets.

The ability to go from a laptop to a tablet and even stand and tent modes is very useful especially for those who are on the go and still need to be productive.

One thing that plenty of convertible models suffer from is a lack of horsepower making it less then ideal for those who need to be portable but have some serious work to accomplish as well.

This Dell does very well in this regard by coming with some nice specs.

Starting with the Intel Core I5 processor this laptop is designed to be able to handle a serious workload and the fact that it is backed by 8 GB of memory and a high performing SSD drive only helps its case.

Touchscreen is a very nice to have feature especially on a device that can also act as a table and of course this is also found on this Inspiron model.

Dell has done a nice job of cramming plenty of top features into this device.


Every laptop comes with something that is less then ideal and the Dell Inspiron 7000 i7569-3073GRY is no different.

A few things that may be of concern are the lack of an optical drive. Although this will be essential for those who still use physical media on a regular basis. But also the total price of the unit will probably keep it out of reach of those who are on a tight budget.

We love the fact that it includes an SSD which gives it a nice extra boost in performance. Although for those who need big time storage capacity, the limited 256 GB of space might leave them needing more.

But remember the SSD can always be replaced with a larger disk. A 500 GB SSD will now only really cost about $100 -$120, with prices getting lower and lower each year.


A nice overall laptop that may not be light on the wallet but is sure big on features and specifications. If you are able to fit the higher price into your budget this looks to be a very solid investment for your next laptop purchase.

Author: Team CLR

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