Dell Inspiron 3000 i3552-13240BLK Review

If you are looking to save a bit of cash with your next laptop purchase then maybe the Dell Inspiron 3000 i3552-13240BLK is one you need to take a bit closer look at. This laptop model is priced within the budget friendly range and very affordable for students or anybody just looking to save a few bucks. While the old saying you get what you pay for may come into play here be will be review this model a bit closer and see just how well it stacks up.

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Processor: Intel Pentium N3700

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 500 GB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch non-touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


With plenty of small low cost devices flooding the market sometimes it is harder to find one that is full size while still being budget friendly but that is exactly what we have found with the Dell Inspiron 3000 i3552-13240BLK. It comes with a standard 15.6 inch screen which gives you all the viewing space you need while keep a low cost

It comes fully packed with plenty of the must have features you would want on any new laptop model and these include Bluetooth 4.0 technology, A built-in memory card reader, HDMI, and not two but three USB ports one of which runs on the newer and much faster 3.0 technology.


In order to get a full sized laptop to fit into the price range that Dell was shooting for with the i3552-13240BLK some serious corners had to be cut and most notably is the performance or lack thereof that it possess. The limited N3700 processor along with only 4 GB of memory leaves plenty to be desired and when meet with a high end workload will quickly begin struggle which may cause some frustration for users that have high demands of their new laptop.

While this model does include many of the nice to have features your not going to find any of the less common ones on this basic laptop model. So that means no touchscreen or backlit keyboard.


We didn’t expect the world when reviewing the Dell Inspiron 3000 i3552-13240BLK but were still left a little disappointed by the limited hardware that they have chosen to include and don’t consider this a great option for anybody that is looking to do more then the very basics with their new laptop.

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