Dell i5567-5474GRY Review

With its Foggy Night Metallic design the Dell i5567-5474GRY is a very sharp looking laptop and is sure to catch the eye of many would be buyers but about what is underneath that? That is where we can really decide how well this laptop stands up. Below we are going to take a bit closer look at this laptop model from Dell to see exactly how well it stacks up by reviewing some of the biggest benefits and downsides it has to offer.

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Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inch Non-Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Dell has done a nice job with the i5567-5474GRY of providing some decent hardware to give it enough performance for the typical user so it won’t easily get bogged down by its workload. The Intel Core i5 is a nice middle of the road processor that provides good performance without really jacking the price up to levels that the average user cannot afford. On top of a nice processor they have included 8 GB of memory which is enough to keep this model running smoothly.

The 7 hours of battery life that is provided on this laptop easily beats out any budget laptop your going to consider and for those who find themselves working away from a power source for any amount of time this will be a big plus when weighing your options on what to purchase.

With a large 1 TB hard drive we wouldn’t expect users to express any complaints about running out of space, Only the biggest file savers will find enough important information to fully fill up this drive.


The lack of touchscreen on the Dell i5567-5474GRY will be a big disappoint for those who are looking to take advantage of this newer technology that Windows has really hard to bring to the masses. Most consumers are very used to using touchscreen for smaller devices such as Smartphones and tablets so bringing it to the bigger screen just seems like a natural extension of this technology.

With a very basic graphics card and display this laptop isn’t going to give you top of the line picture quality but the display is still good enough for typical day to day use. If gaming is a big part of your plans with your new laptop this may leave you disappointed.


No single thing is going to really stand out on the Dell i5567-5474GRY to convince consumers to buy but it does do a decent job covering all the bases quite well and provides a nice option for consumers just looking for a basic well rounded laptop to cover their needs.

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Author: Team CLR

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