Asus X751LX-BB71-CB Review

The Asus X751LX-BB71-CB isn’t looking to win any fans of small portable devices instead it looks to provide an option for those that need plenty of screen real estate and are willing to deal with a heavier then average laptop to get it. This 17.3 inch model from Asus has an above average price tag but makes sure you don’t feel like you overpaid for anything due to everything they have been able to pack into it. Below we will take a bit closer look and see if the saying you get what you pay for holds up.

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Processor: Intel Core i7-5500U

Memory: 12 GB of Ram

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 17.3 Inch Non-touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


For most consumers who are interested in the Asus X751LX-BB71-CB the biggest benefit that will impress them is the large 17.3 inch screen which is great for business users who can take advantage of the extra space when getting down to work or the multimedia lovers who love the extra viewing area that only a 17.3 inch model can provide.

Asus may have went big on screen size but they didn’t stop there on this particular model as they continued to pack in plenty of high end specifications. The powerful Intel Core i7 is what runs this bad boy and along with 12 GB of ram gives it performance that is unmatched by most laptops on the market today.

The large 1 TB drive gives you plenty of storage capacity and unlike some new models you will find the optical drive right where you would expect it so no need to purchase an additional external one if physical media is still a big part of what you use.


Like any large 17.3 inch model the Asus X751LX-BB71-CB suffers from its poor portability which is something many people look for in a laptop. With a total weight of 3.27 Kg it is almost double some of the lighter options on the market.

Not overly surprising since most 17.3 inch models do not include it but touchscreen is also missing from this design and for those who are really looking forward to this new technology this might be enough to get them looking in other areas for their new laptop purchase.


The Asus X751LX-BB71-CB is a very powerful, large laptop and a great fit for those looking for this type of setup. It is not ideal for users on the go often and better suited to more stationary work but if that meets your habits we strongly recommend looking closely at this device for your next purchase.

Check out the latest price for the Asus X751LX

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