Asus X555LA-BS51-CB Review

Asus X555LA

Asus are back and this time round with another better laptop. This is one powerful laptop you that you should include in your wish list. This computer effortlessly completes intensive tasks in second without any lagging. It comes with a broad range of features that you will love for notebook laptop.


Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U 2.5 GHz

Memory: 12GB DDR3L.

Hard Drive: 1 TB5400 RPM

Screen: 15.6″ HD (1366 x 768) Native Screen Resolution, Touchscreen.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit


The laptop is super fast in its operation. Gamers have all they need in this all in one machine. The storage allows you to store all the files you need and still have some space to spare. The RAM is the mastermind behind its swift task processing; it stands at 12 GB which is one of the best in modern technology.

The battery life is exceptionally excellent for a laptop in its price range. You can work with it for up to 5 hours. This statistic includes full usage of the laptop, which is surfing the internet and also playing videos. You can also open several tabs on a browser and still the machine will not even get close to lagging.

Forget about overheating your laptop with multiple tasks. This computer comes with an inbuilt cooling system protecting it from excessive heat generation. The touchpad is fully responsive and reacts to your clicks efficiently. Another benefit is that you can enjoy watching your favorite movies with the 15.6-inch backlit display screen. The keyboard has magnificent keys that spring your fingers as you type.


The display on this laptop is the major issue. You find that the screen is rather dim on displaying multiple colors. Watching videos and movies might become a challenge with this one, and you would rather look elsewhere. Another thing is that its webcam takes very poor quality images. This is not the laptop you would want to use for Video Calls or taking HD pictures.


This is an ideal laptop for gamers with a tight budget. It offers seamless stream online with great speeds. It’s powerful and at the same time has a stylish design. All in all, this is the modern day notebook laptop with an outstanding battery life and high-definition sound system. For a multi-tasking lag free experience, you look for this machine. Enjoy your everyday computing needs and also entertainment with an affordable but yet powerful machine.


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