Asus X456UV-BB71-CB Review

Power meets portability in the all new Asus X456UV-BB71-CB laptop which has recently hit store shelves. This 14 inch laptop model comes with a slightly smaller then average screen without giving up to much viewing area to make for a laptop model that is quite light and easy to take on the go while also packing plenty of performance under the hood. Below we are going to look a bit closer at this particular model and see just how well it stacks up.

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Processor: Intel Core i7-6500U

Memory: 12 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 14 Inch non-touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


By going with 14 inches of screen the Asus X456UV-BB71-CB is able to keep its total weight down to a very mobile friendly 5.3 kg and just one inch thick. Unlike many of the 13 inch screens that are available it doesn’t feel like you are giving up near as much screen space leaving you with a laptop that is still light but better suited for when it comes time to get some serious work done.

With the addition of a powerful Intel Core i7 and plenty of RAM at 12 GB you end up with a laptop model that can keep pace with even high end power users without breaking a sweat.

Two USB ports, HDMI and Bluetooth 4.1 means you are covered when it comes to connecting just about any external device to your new laptop.


With so much great hardware packed into this device it is hard to believe that they have forgot about another important piece and that is storage. They have went with a large SATA drive of 1 TB which will keep the heavy file savers happy but why not a much faster SSD which would have improved the performance even more then what it is.

This laptop model could have been even lighter and slimmer by skipping on including the optical drive, With so many users moving away from physical media this becomes a less and less important feature to include and one that can easily be stripped out as a way to quickly make a slimmer and lighter laptop.


The Asus X456UV-BB71-CB is a great overall laptop for somebody who needs something portable without giving up performance like many of the other compact models on the market force you to do. While like any new model it has some downsides there doesn’t appear to be anything huge that we feel should prevent you from considering this model for your next purchase.

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Author: Team CLR

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