Asus Transformer Mini T102HA-RH01-CB Review

This extremely thin light weight 10.1 inch Asus Transformer T102HA-RH01-CB is a 2-1 built-in device. It lasts up to 11 hours of preserved battery life. Built strong with interior and exterior light magnesium-aluminum. With an integrated smart hinge design that makes it possible to stand at a 170-degree angle. It is a one touch easy access with a smart scanning fingerprint sensor. It also comes with an HD display to give it a brighter and cleaner watching experience. The Asus Transformer Mini has a double sided mounted stereo speaker that create an excellent surround sound effect.

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Processor: Intel® Cherry Trail Quad-Core Processor,

Memory: up to 4 GB SDRAM

Storage: Tablet 64GB, up to 128 GB EMMC

Screen Display: 10.1″ (16:10) LED backlit HD (1280×800) 60Hz Glare Touchscreen with 60% NTSC
Support ASUS Splendid Technology
With WideView Technology

Operating system: Windows 10 Home



The Asus Transformer Mini is slim, small and gratifying device comes with an ultra slim keyboard that makes it even more compact and light. Typing on the go is now possible and so comfortable with the fiberglass anti-dust production.  The 11 hour long lasting battery saver makes it a dependable and ready to use when you need it. The strong an effective quad-core Intel® x5 ‘Cherry Trail has up to 10% more processing power than its antecedents. Even though it’s small and thin, don’t let that fool you. It has all the ports necessary to connect to various devices when you are on the go. It includes a USB, USB Micro, Micro SD, and a headphone jack and what makes it even better is that all these ports are integrated to the tablet. So, they are all available; it might be small but big in connections. The Asus Mini has the latest dual-band 802.11ac WI-Fi technology which makes it possible to go at a faster speed with stringer and stable signals.



The Asus Transformer ini has also cut some corners along the way when it comes to hardware the basic processor and the low-resolution display. But if you are willing to invest a little more you could get something better. It also has a weak hinge and is suggested to keep it in a desk rather than use it on your lap.



It is not that bad considering the price for an Asus Transformer Mini costing you around $400. It works well for daily functions and tasks and offers an excellent life battery.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Transformer Mini

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