Asus ROG GL552 GL552VW-BB71-CB Laptop Review

Are you looking for your next gaming laptop? Well, you have found the right computer here. The Asus ROG is simply designed for people who love playing and streaming games on their laptops. It has all the abundant features you need have the best gaming experience.


Processor: Intel Core i7 6700, 2.6 GHz.

Memory: 16GB DDR3.

Hard Drive: 1TB 7200 RPM HDD

Screen: 15.6″ HD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit


This product comes with a full HD screen display that allows you to view your screen activity in detail. The bright screens come from the world-class NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology. The video memory is excellent standing at 2GB to provide seamless streaming sessions with no hitches and lagging effects.

You get a whooping 1TB hard drive storage space with this laptop. This allows you to store all your games and other files and have space for more in future. The RAM is also exceptionally outstanding at 16GB providing sufficient multi-tasking capabilities. The Core i7 Intel processor is also a mastermind behind the top processing speeds for the Asus ROG.

The keyboard is exceptionally ergonomic and designed to precision to offer the best typing and keystrokes experience. This laptop complements any home with its beautiful design and stylish finishes. The design is fantastic with a strong chassis with different themed styles. This product has the best deal for laptops in the ROG category with a friendly price tag.


The screen performance is a bit disappointing with a few hitches here and there. There are inconsistencies in the display, with poor webcam resolution quality. Another downside on this laptop is the poor audio performance. The speakers may not produce the high definition sounds that you require.

The touchpad feels a bit flimsy and fragile, you should look for a mouse to solve this issue. The webcam has a poor quality resolution. The battery life is compromising with an under-performing usage lifespan. The cooling system has some technical hitches as the laptop overheats on a tight multi-tasking expedition.


All members of Republic of Gamers should get one of these brands of laptops. This product promises top notch performance and with all the large amounts of processing and power capabilities.  The price of this laptop is ideal for a ROG machine with its features. Alternatively, other users can utilize this computer for entertainment purposes at home and also at the office for multi-tasking.

Author: Team CLR

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