Asus C301 C301SA-BH91-CB Review

The Asus C301 C301SA-BH91-CB is light weight and smooth and is designed to go wherever you go. Weighing only 2.97 pounds will make you the center of attraction.  With its unique spun like metal finish exterior and with its tough surrounding metal finish. The Chromebook C301 sets a high bar with rich detailed images on screen with more vibrant color settings and resolutions than any standard display.  Because they understand how frustrating it can be when the battery is running low, they have made this Asus Chromebook battery charger to last up to 11 hours with one single charge.

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Processor: Intel® Pentium® Quad-Core N3710 Processor

Memory: 4 GB LPDDR3 1866MHz SDRAM Onboard Memory

Storage: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB EMMC

Operating system: Chrome OS


With its 64GB hard disk space the C301 has as much space as you may need for your files, presentation, photos and much more. Whatever it is that you are doing, you won’t have to worry because it will be with you all throughout the day. The Chromebook C301 comes with 87dB of high-fidelity audio that are high quality stereo speakers. It can deliver a surround sound that is as good or even better than most larger laptops. Should we mention the typing experience it gives? It provides 1.5mm of key travel so you can get a more solid typing feel. The Asus C301 also incorporated the latest and most fastest 802.11ac WI-Fi for speeds up to three times (3X) faster than 802.11n. And includes energy saving Bluetooth.

This Asus Chromebook does not have any disadvantages or misconfigurations.


This new Asus Chromebook comes in three colors: Fresh Blue, Hot Red, and Cool Black. When typing, the touchpad has the capability to recognize the difference between your fingers and your pal and will help you with an accidental movement. Has a complete unlimited I/O Port to give you flexibility when you want to connect to a big screen through the HDMI port, use a USB drive to transfer data over, or upload your photos through the SD card slot.  The price is unbelievable. You can buy this high speed multi-colored, high quality, ultrasound stereo with the fastest high speed WI-FI for only $299. ASUS Chromebook C301SA is simple, secure, and trustworthy. With its built-in automated anti virus protection, this Chromebook frees you from the worry of keeping it safe and secure.

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