Asus C200 AAS-C200MA-EDU Laptop Review

Asus C200 AAS-C200MA-EDU is a computer that is designed to offer simplicity in usage. It is essential for typical daily computing needs. This laptop should be a better option if you are looking for a quiet and yet stylish computer. Its features are set to offer as much comfort as possible for daily computer users.


Processor: Intel Bay Trail-M N2830 Dual-Core 2.16 GHz

Memory: 2GB DDR3.

Hard Drive: 16 GB Solid-State Drive

Screen: 11.6″ HD (1366 x 768)

OS: Chrome OS


This brand of laptop is very simple to use for daily needs. The computer barely emits any sound in its operation. It’s soundless and does not heat up easily. It is designed to be lightweight meaning you can carry it around effortlessly for outdoor activities.

The 11.6-inch screen is just big enough for entertainment at home. You can watch movies and high-quality videos thanks to the high-quality graphics card that is inbuilt into the system. Also, the keyboard design is ergonomic and easy to type with.

The laptop has a stylish modern look, and it is very affordable. The battery has a good life span, and with one charge cycle, you can enjoy using it for long hours approximately 9 hours. Provided you keep it a few running tasks at a time all will be well with this machine.


The major setback on this laptop is that it comes with the Chrome OS. If you are a fan of Windows and other operating systems, then you should look somewhere else. Another thing is that it does not have some keys on the keyboard such as function keys, insert, the print screen button and the Caps-Lock.

Note that this laptop is not for gamers. Its processor capabilities are not sufficient to handle compute-intensive processing tasks. Also, the screen size is small and not suitable for big screen gaming experience and also it does not have the backlighting feature.


This laptop is ideal for both home and office use. It can be used to perform light computing tasks without lagging effects. It is beautifully designed and blends with any working environment. This machine is super silent; you will barely notice if it’s powered on or not. This brand of laptop is manufactured for simplicity and affordability, and its pricing is perfect. However, gamers are not lucky this time. Unfortunately, this computer was not designed for gaming.

Author: Team CLR

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