Acer V Nitro VN7-792G-79LX Review

The V Nitro is the latest laptop created by Acer for gaming purposes and is more powerful than notebooks and ultra-books. It has dimensions 15.34 x 10.14 x 0.94 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds. Acer believes that the more access people must technology the better and believes that it takes just one explorer to change the world. They pride themselves in bringing the best of technology to catch a person curiosity to explore. Acer technology helps people to discover better and more securely. Acer worked hard in making tools to supply technology to the inquiring mind. Acer believes in progress. They believe that anything they create should provide consumers with a step to move forwards, or it’s not worth making. Acer’s technology embeds CSR as their top priority to incorporate in all their technology.

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Processor: Intel® Core™ i7, i7-6700HQ, 2,60 GHz, 3.5 GHz, Quad-core (4 core)

Memory: 8 GB, 32 Go, DDR4 SDRAM, Secure Digital (SD)


Screen display: 17.3″

Operating system: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit



“Serve in honor and work with pride” Acer stands by this belief. They provide their clients with professional service to comply with customers’ needs through innovation and intent. Acer relies on the trust that customers place on them and for this they place their high priority in giving their clients the best quality of technology. Acers corporate group vision is defined as a leading branded company empowering and enriching people through innovation and customer’s needs. Their approach to meeting their customers’ needs has given Acer a considerable edge in the market and most importantly they look to satisfy their customers’ needs and are constantly looking for ways to introduce their products that are better and easier to use. The Acer V Nitro has an Antiglare IPS display with an interesting and modernized look.  It also has a good and strong GPU with a large hard drive and rich sounding speakers and is very light weight.



Some of the disadvantages you will find on the Acer V Nitro is that when it’s been on for a long period it tends to get hot and has a short battery life. It also has a small screen and slow disc.



Overall Acer has managed to create an agreeable composition with good performance and ergonomics. They also have good performance power to do routinely tasks and load any type of game with no delays.

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