Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 (NX.GK9AA.011) Review

With the growing demand from consumers for laptops that can convert Acer has tried to fill that market by introducing the Spin lineup of laptops. Today we are looking at the Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 which gives users four different modes to choose from so no matter what task you are trying to accomplish you can find a perfect setup for you. Below we are going to review some of the benefits and downsides to this model and see if purchasing a convertible model is the right choice for you.

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Processor: Intel Core i3

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


The convertible aspects of the Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 are easily its top benefits as it gives consumers the advantages of multiple devices all in one. If you are on the move and checking email at the same time than tablet mode makes perfect sense, Watching the latest blockbuster maybe tent mode will work. You also have display and normal laptop modes so it is always easy to find the perfect viewing angle for what you are doing.

By sticking with a full sized 15.6 inch display you don’t have to give up viewing area to be more mobile. The 15.6 inch screen includes IPS and is full HD so it delivers great picture quality. On top of this it also includes touch screen technology so using a mouse and keyboard is not your only option to interface with this device.

The basics are also covered quite well on the Spin model as you will find Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 and of course HDMI so you can quickly and easily project your screen out to a large display.


Power hungry users might find the performance on the Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 to not quite meet expectations. It isn’t overwhelmingly under powered but does come with the more budget friendly Intel Core i3 processor instead of one of its bigger siblings like the i5 or i7. When you combine this with just 6 GB of memory compared to the 8 you find in many mid size laptops you end up with a machine that can easily handle normal use but may start to struggle when trying to accomplish resource heavy tasks.


As we mentioned above the performance on the Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 might not amaze you but the convertible design will be a big enough feature to make most consumers overlook the average power that it possess.

Check out the latest price for the Acer Spin SP315-51-3684 (NX.GK9AA.011)

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