Acer Chromebook CB5-132T-C7R5 Review

The Acer Chromebook CB5 can bend up to 360 degrees and will lock in place when you swipe, tap or pinch the touchscreen. It also has a sensor that will adjust the screen for viewing when you turn it upside down. The Chromebook CB5 comes with an aluminum top panel that gives it an attractive look with a unique design to create a sophisticated look. Adding the modern MIMO  802.11ac wireless technology gives it a higher range to access internet connection and gives faster internet connection speed. It also exceeds most Chromebooks with its Bras microarchitecture.

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Processor: Intel® Celeron®


Storage: 32GB, SSD

Screen Display: Active Matrix TFT Color LCD

Operating system: Chromebook OS



Some of its cool features are its scrolling wheel with a middle button and its compatibility with any Bluetooth system. The integrated web camera has a high dynamic range imaging which makes the photos a whole lot clearer and video chats brighter. This Acer Chromebook offers a substitute to the traditional PC knowledge and only weighs 2.76 pounds. It also features an In-plane technology which allows you to display from a farther angle without losing the quality of pictures. Google offers a 60-day free trial of Google Play music full access and offers 12 Go-Go Inflight wireless passes which Acer covers with a warranty of a year.



It has a lower screen resolution and lack no key backlighting. Applications such as video games or video editing software will drain the Chromebooks battery. Even though it is larger than most Chromebooks, the ports are the same size as the smaller Chromebooks. Yet another disadvantage with the Acer Chromebook is performance level. If you open 10 or more tabs you can considerably notice your device is lowering down. Another example would be opening ore than 3 video hangouts at once, with the video tabs you will notice almost instantly how it slowed down considerably.



In conclusion, this Acer Chromebook CB5 has nothing to differentiate from the others. It’s just a bigger screen display, so for those who have grown tired of using a small screen might prefer the Chromebook CB5. For others who are looking for a different kind of Chromebook for the same price range, you could check out Hp Chromebook 11, which offers more movability than most or the Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2 which includes a Skullcandy audio and 13 inch full HD display.

Check out the latest price for the Acer Chromebook CB5

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