Acer Aspire R5-471T-534X Review

A compact convertible laptop is on the wishlist for many consumers and Acer has tried to pull just that off with the Aspire R5-471T-534X by going with a 14 inch design over the somewhat standard 15.6. While there are smaller options on the market Acer has tried to hit the perfect balance between small and compact but still giving users a usable screen size that doesn’t hinder what you can do with the device. Below we are going to investigate this laptop a bit closer and see just how well it stacks up by reviewing some of the benefits and downsides.

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Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 14 Inch Touchscreen

OS: Windows 10


Lets talk a bit more about screen size on the Acer Aspire R5-471T-534X. The 14 inch display has allowed Acer to create a convertible laptop that stacks up quite well against its main competition by going with this slightly smaller design as the 1.9 Kg weight of the device is quite light and it is very thin at only 0.71 inches. For some the drop in screen size to 13 inches is just too much so the 14 inch screen seems to be a nice balance for those looking to have a very mobile device while still having enough screen real estate.

The ability to have one device that can be used in laptop, tablet, tent and stand modes is a game changer, This technology combined with the portability of this laptop makes it a great device for those on the go as they can quickly and easily switch to the exact mode that is going to make them the most productive for the what they are doing at the time.

The 256 GB SSD drive gives this model quick boot up times and fast access to files compared to other models that use a regular SATA drive that still needs moving parts to read and write files.


The Acer Aspire R5-471T-534X is far from being under powered but it isn’t going to blow you away with its performance either. The Intel Core i5 is average along with 8 GB of memory and will provide a typical user all the performance they need but consumers who consider themselves power users may find it lacking in this regard.

One of the ways Acer has been able to keep this model light and slim other then the screen size is by removing the optical drive which is becoming more and more common on newer laptops but for those who still use physical media on a regular basis this can be a big time downside.


The Acer Aspire R5-471T-534X appears to be a great option for those on the go who want the advantages of a portable laptop option that is both slim and light along with the great benefits that only convertible laptops can provide.

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